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  Lory International is now GREAT PROMO ITEMS

We’ve changed our name to better describe what we are all about …Great Promo Items.

We offer great promotional items to help promote your business. In addition we offer great prices, personal service and a 100% guarantee.

Created in 1974 we are a family business and (this may sound like a cliché) we really treat our customers like family. We mean that in the following way: all orders large or small are double checked through the entire process. A great deal of  attention is given to every detail making sure everything is exactly how it’s supposed to be …just like we would do for any member of our family.

We have the latest state of the art technology to source and evaluate over 600,000 promotional items. Our in house graphic artist will make sure your artwork not only looks good but best conveys the message you are trying to present. For large volume orders with longer lead times we can produce your orders overseas for even greater saving.

We have worked with companies like Public Broadcasting, Citigroup, McGraw-Hill, Bank of America, Oreck, Bose and DZ Akins. If you don’t live in San Diego you probably don’t recognize the last name. It’s our favorite local Deli and we do their shirts, hats and aprons.  We mention them to show we do all size businesses and also hope that maybe in appreciation of mentioning them they’ll throw a couple extra Danish our way! 

Thank you for visiting our site. We hope we can help you promote your business and we look forward to welcoming you into the family.